AmpliTube 2.1  

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Sequel to the guitar amp and effects plug-in, raising the standard to an unprecedented level of hi-quality emulation and extreme flexibility.
A completely redesigned application, AmpliTube 2 maintains its traditional ease of use while offering tremendously enhanced new features like:

Completely redesigned interface and enhanced DSP engine, including our new exclusive DSM™ technology for ultra-accurate analog circuitry emulations.
5 separate modules including Tuner, Stomp, Amp-head, Miked Cabinet and Rack effects with over 70 guitar-gear emulations included.
Build your own custom Amp with the extreme flexibility of combining between separate Pre, EQ, Power Amp, Cabinet + Microphone modeling which make up more than 20,000 possible amp combinations.
21 stomp effects available from accurate modeling of rare vintage effects pedals.
11 rack effects including hi-quality parametric EQ, reverb, delay, chorus, compressor, pitch-shifter, harmonizer, stereo-widener, rotary speaker and more…
2 simultaneous guitar-rigs available with the choice of series or parallel connection between the modules.
Super-flexible routing for Stomp and Rack Effects with 20 simultaneous configurable effects’ slots.
Advanced preset management with A/B comparison, keyword search function, favorites and more.
The AmpliTube 2 interface now presents a gorgeous photorealistic replica of modeled amps and effects that are familiar to every guitarist for immediate sound recognition. Any parameter you need is never more than 2 clicks away, making AmpliTube 2 the fastest effects processor available for the realization of even the most complex guitar sound.

The interface is supported by leading DSP modeling which improves the award winning sound of AmpliTube to a new standard of realism. AmpliTube 2 uses a new ultra-accurate analog modeling technology developed by IK engineers with years of research in circuitry modeling: DSM™ or “Dynamic-Saturation Modeling”. With DSM™ analog circuits are emulated down to a detail of finesse which cannot be offered by any other effects modeler: setting a new industry standard for state of the art analog modeling.

Thanks to DSM™ AmpliTube 2, for the first time, brings out dynamic nuances that a guitarist expects from their most coveted hardware gear. AmpliTube 2 offers the unlimited amount of authentic tonal character that guitarists are looking for.

In addition, Cabinet simulation is refined even more and is now able to respond more like the original speakers down to the very smallest sonic detail. Plus, greatly enhanced microphone modeling with different timbral responses give the final touch to a virtual rig that never before sounds so much like the real thing.

Five Seperate Modules!

The original AmpliTube modules (Stomp, Amp and Rack) have been expanded to 5 individual components, separate Amp Head and Mic cabinet, plus a stomp pedal board, tuner and rack effects.

20,000 posibble amp combinations!

AmpliTube 2 allows separate components of the guitar amp such as the pre-amp, the EQ and cabinet to be mixed and matched allowing the possibility of building your very own customized amp. With 14 pre-amp models, 14 Eqs, 7 power amps, 16 cabinets and 6 different microphones, an unbelievable 20,000 amp combinations are possible. This unique AmpliTube 2 feature offers guitarists the ability to get more sounds than any other guitar modeling processor, be it hardware or software.

11 rack effects

Rack effects are stereo effects, inserted at the end of the AmpliTube 2 chain.

Up to 8 simultaneous rack effects can be used at once within the plug-in. Included are: hi-quality parametric EQs, reverbs, delays, choruses, compressors, pitch-shifters, harmonizer, stereo-enhancers, rotary speakers and more…


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