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This program follows years of research on the growth and life cycle of Cannabis, a plant that is not only a very important part of the cultural and spiritual life of millions of people around the world, but is also increasingly being used for a wide variety of medicinal purposes.

The information and images in this program are presented as information that should be made available to the public. Slick Software does not advocate, nor encourage the breaking of any law. At the time of this version's release, marijuana use and cultivation is still illegal under most international laws and statutes.

Although HighGrow encourages people to grow their own marijuana in it's virtual grow room and guarantees that the growth of it's virtual plants will closely resemble the growth of real plants, Slick Software will not be held responsible for encouraging anyone to grow real marijuana.

Slick Software urges users to support the Drug Policy Foundation, the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), and similar organizations in their efforts to secure sane, sensible and fair marijuana legislation.

Although you may freely distribute copies of this version of HighGrow to all your friends, no part of this program (including all images and MIDI files), may be sold or used commercially in any way, without the prior knowledge and consent of Slick Software.

Thank you for trying HighGrow, and thanks for doing your part in the global struggle to Free the Weed!!

Slick Software



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