Amplitube 2.1.2 + Jimi Hendrix 1.0.1 Guitar Sound Modeling  

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The most popular guitar amp and effects modeling software raises the standard to an unprecedented level of high-quality emulation and extreme flexibility, for crafting the ultimate guitar tone.
14 Preamp and 14 EQ models
7 Power-Amp models
16 Cabinet models
6 Microphone models
21 Stomp Effect models
11 Rack Effect models
High-precision Tuner
2 Guitar rig chains

Plug-In and Standalone version
Complete Guitar Amp modeling solution and Guitar Effects powerhouse.
AmpliTube 2 offers everything needed to craft your own signature guitar tones with 5 separate modules including Tuner, Stomp, Amp Head, Miked Cabinet, and Rack Effects, on 2 series/parallel guitar rigs. 14 Preamps and EQs, 7 Power Amps, 16 Cabinets, 6 Microphones, 21 Stomp Effects, and 11 Rack Effects make AmpliTube 2 the most comprehensive guitar Amp and Effects Modeling software to date.


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