DJ Testarosa Presents Gucci Mane & Lil Wayne - We Run The Streets  

Posted by gotthatpiff

1. Gucci Mane- Talk Of The Town
2. Lil Wayne- Alwayz Strapped
3. Gucci Mane & Lil Wayne- College Girl Remix
4. Gucci Mane & Lil Wayne- Turn My Swag On
5. Gucci Mane- Same Red Rag
6. Gucci Mane- Photo Shoot
7. Lil Wayne- Ak-47
8. Lil Wayne- So Fly
9. Lil Wayne- Lift It Up
10. Lil Wayne- New Orleans Manic
11. Lil Wayne- Ignorant Shit
12. Gucci Mane- Bubble Up
13. Gucci Mane- Mr. White Boy
14. Gucci Mane- Floss My Jewelry
15. Gucci Mane- White Girl Remix
16. Lil Wayne- Roll Call
17. Gucci Mane/ Yo Gotti- Mo Money
18. Gucci Mane- Look At My Charm
19. Gucci Mane- Smoke One
20. Lil Wayne- Not Love
21. Lil Wayne Ft Miz- I Hate That I Love You (EXCLUSIVE)
22. Gucci Mane- I Hear My Momma
23. Gucci Mane & Papaduck- Cocain Money
24. Gucci Mane- Add It Up


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