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You can improve your DJ Mixing
Mixed In Key is Windows and MAC OS X software that makes your DJ mixes sound perfect. You can create mash-ups, inspire your DJ audiences and play multiple vocals at the same time.

Mixed In Key eliminates all key clashes, out-of-key vocals and muddy mixes from your DJ sets. When you play live, every song will blend together perfectly.

You will benefit right away
Mixed In Key gives you a serious advantage over other DJs. Without Mixed In Key, you have to play the piano to find the root note of every song. This is a time-consuming process. Mixed In Key analyzes your .MP3 and .WAV files and shows you which songs are compatible.

The result? No vocal clashes or muddy mixes! Your DJ sets will sound perfect every time. This is the secret weapon used by hundreds of professional DJs.

Magazines write about Mixed In Key
DJ Mag writes, "THE PERFECT MIX -- This new DJ Software could prove to be invaluable to digital DJs. Taking your mixing to the next level is child's play with this simple program." – Issue 420, 2006 (Review score: 4.5 out of 5)

Computer Music UK writes, “Using the software is simple: Add either individual files or entire folders, hit the “Start Processing” button and Mixed In Key will analyze the selected files. This enables you to see which keys the track can be mixed with – the idea is to scan all your music and then create a perfect DJ set that doesn’t have any of those annoying key clashes.” -- Issue 104, 2006 (Review score: 8 out of 10)
Thousands of DJs use Mixed In Key
We have a strong following in the DJ community. Ali 'Dubfire' from Deep Dish, Dean Coleman, Jan from 4 Strings, and thousands of other DJs use Mixed In Key.

This product is tailored for use by professional DJs. But, you don't have to be a harmonic mixing guru -- Just add your .MP3 and .WAV files, click "Start Processing" and you'll see compatible results.


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