Hype Club (Presented By Judah , Mick Boogie , Hypebeast & Hypetrak)  

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1. Mick Boogie_6Th Sense Do What It Do Intro
2. Oseeloa- Street Wear
3. Rathemc-Local Celebrity ( Produced By Judah)
4. Hypeclub Rules 10-9 (produced By Jyfresh Productions)
5. Dizzy Says Hola
6. Dizzy Featuring Lil Wayne- Yeah Bitch
7. Nov Gannon-Labels (produced By Santo Angelo)
8. The Paxtons- Japanese Denim (produced By Judah)
9. Hypeclub Rules 8-7 (produced By Jyfresh Productions)
10. Wale- Critical Acclaim (produced By Judah)
11. Tyler- Jacnthebeanstalk 2Mp3
12. Theo- Face The Gun
13. Milly July- The Emphasis (produced By Judah)
14. U-N-I- Hollywood Hiatus
15. Hypeclub Rules 6-4 (produced By Jyfresh Productions)
16. Patt Piff- Space Invaders
17. James W.A.T.T.S- The Quickstrike (produced By Judah)
18. Illecism- Some Short Freestyle Joint On The Fly (produced By Judah)
19. Tabi Bonney- Kick Rocks ( produced By Judah)
20. Daytona- Lose Your Mind (produced By Jet Audio)
21. Glc- Get The Fuck Outta Dodge
22. Chip Tha Ripper- Sucka Free
23. Hypeclub Rules 3-1 (produced By Jyfresh Productions)


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