Steinberg Halion 3 Sampler  

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Since its launch in 2001, Halion has been pushing back boundaries in virtual samplers. Halion 3 is no exception: over 50 new features ensure that Halion stays where it always has been: at the forefront of digital audio technology.

This latest version expands existing Halion capabilities to new levels of accessibility and flexibility, creating a virtual sampler environment that not only lets your creativity flourish, but lets you work more productive and efficiently than ever before. Building on the outstanding surround-capable Halion 2.0 sampling engine with support for up to 32-bit floating point files, Halion 3 adds even more new capabilities. A new output routing system allows you to create and configure the audio outputs; only the outputs you need will be routed directly to the host VST mixer. The sleek new user interface is not only easy on the eyes but has been restructured to keep switching between the different Halion 3 views to a minimum.


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