Pioneer DJS v1.601  

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Pioneer DJ's new software was designed for professional and amateur DJs to make full-scale DJ playing on a PC. The software offers the same functionality and playability that the company's Pro DJ products, using a PC instead of two CDJ Turntables and a DJ mixer.
DJS The software also has a function for converting CD ripping, line input signals and files of wave. Mp3.
The graphical user interface is intuitive and easy to understand. It follows the same ergonomic design used on all products and Pioneer CDJ mixers. The display shows everything a professional DJ needs to see, including: time, BPM, mixer controls, Jog Dial, hot cue buttons, etc.

The DJ can assign basic functions for a particular key on the PC keyboard. In doing so often used for functions, the DJ can create your own playing style - on a keyboard. Moreover, the automatic beat synchronization feature of the games cued track to track who is playing and a powerful program mimics the effects of DJM600 effector characteristics.


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