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Storm Music Studio is music creation software, which accurately emulates the universe of a real recording studio: synthesizers, drum machines, sample players, effects, mixing table, sequencer,... With the same sound quality, but for less money! Create your studio With Storm, you can choose the virtual INSTRUMENTS you wish to use: analog synthesizers, drum machines, sample sequencers, scratch decks,... Drag & drop and in a few seconds your studio is ready: no more complicated connections and wires everywhere...
Compose in Real Time

Real time synthesis and EFFECTS, a user-friendly interface and a fully automated studio provide you with an unprecedented comfort and facility of composition.

Share Your Experience with Other Users

As an integral part of the studio, the HALL is a set of interactive tools, giving the user the ability to collaborate on-line with others. The Hall offers file sharing and downloading, chat rooms, newswires, tips and tutorials.

Learn New Styles of Music

The COMPOSITION WIZARD is made to help users to quickly understand the general use of the program and the different sides of creating a song. And, if you think you already have enough experience in making computer music, it can help you to learn how to compose in music styles you are not familiar with.


  • Arturia Storm New Ergonomics

    One main view to handle your entire project;

    All layers can be reduced or closed so you can work the way you like;

    Play live: just keep the studio window and jam in real-time;

    Edit, copy, paste, chunk: bring the sequencer full-screen;

    Look for another drum machine or a voice loop: open the Resources browser;

    Choose instruments, effects, samples, or other Rewire applications from the Resources Browser;

    Use the rack to work in real time in your studio;

    Overview layer: access all instruments within a mouse drag and check how your sound is routed through the effect;

  • Arturia Storm Piano Roll

    Edit patterns, edit control curves, edit MIDI sequences;

    Choose the level of detail you need and keep a history of every action;

    You have total control over every single aspect of your song;

  • Arturia Storm Full MIDI Management

    Enables you to import and edit MIDI files;

    The software can be synchronized as Master or Slave with external hardware gears;

    All knobs within the Storm studio can be assigned to a midi channel and be controlled through a keyboard or any other hardware controller; this make it simple to integrate all your audio material;

  • Arturia Storm New Audio/MIDI Sequencer

    Allows full control over every detail of your Audio, MIDI or pattern-based recordings;

    Static recording mode: you can program your song conveniently;

    Dynamic recording mode: sequence in real time and make music on the fly;

    Just like the mixing table, the sequencer can be detached from the rest of the studio;

  • Arturia Storm New Mixing Table

    Comes with an improved powerful mixing table for a better control of your compositions;

    Offers 3 sections: EQ, FX and Main;

  • Arturia Storm GM Synth

    Loaded with more than 220 general MIDI sounds it is the perfect tool for creating acoustic music;

  • Arturia Storm Sound

    Fully MIDI control:

    Virtual instrument playable through a MIDI keyboard;

    Slave and Master MIDI Sync;

    MIDI File import;

    ReWire protocol (for synchronization with Reason, Cubase, Logic Audio, Pro Tools, Sonar, etc...);

    Sampling rate: 44100 Hz;

    14 Instruments, 10 effects and entire mixing in full stereo

  • Arturia Storm Import/Export

    Importation of WAV, AIFF, and MP3 files;

    Exportation of songs in WAVE or AIFF;

    Direct import of external samples in the studio by drag and drop;

    Automatic tempo detection of the imported sample;

    Automatic tempo or tonality synchronization of samples (by time-stretching and pitch-shifting in real time);

    Integration of new sound modules and new effects for Storm;

    Drag and drop support allowing the quicker importation and exportation of samples

  • Arturia Storm The Hall

    Interactive Composition:

    Lets you join the community of Storm users, while they are composing!

    News, Chat, Share and Search resources (samples, songs, loops) and Tips;

  • Arturia Storm Composition Wizard

    Assisted Composition:

    Let yourself be guided, and quickly and freely compose your songs;

    Learn to master Storm down to its slightest detail;

    This assistant will help the users compose and arrange their songs, but also to master the different modules and effects;

    Or to perfect composition in a style that they do not master (yet);

    Several models and tutorials are available for each style of music: RnB, Hip-Hop, Tribal Trance, Dub/reggae, & more;

  • Arturia Storm More Features

    Supports ASIO drivers on both PC and Mac;

    Two composition modes: real-time and static (step by step);

    Unlimited undo;

    Full studio automation;

    Automation of Mute in the mixing table;

    Multiple keyboard shortcuts;


  • Arturia Storm System Requirements

    PC: Pentium III 800 MHz, 256 MB of RAM, Windows 98/SE/2000/XP;

    Mac: G4 1 GHz, 256 MB of RAM, Mac OS X.3(panther);

    Sound Card: Any sound card compatible with DirectX, ASIO, SoundManager or CoreAudio;

    Disk space: At least 340 MB.


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